Thursday, February 09, 2006

P2-AE2: Other components

My unit came with a Toshiba slim DVD-R/RW drive installed. However this is an option and I believe it depends what the reseller or local distributor decides to install. Some retailers mention a combo drive DVD player only with CDRW whereas others have no mention at all.

One problem I noticed is that the tight fit of the case opening would sometimes block the drive and prevent it from opening. Adjusting the frame where the drive is installed fixed this problem, but if you move your PC around a lot or have it where it is occassionally jostled, this may require some extra work. Also with the location of the power switch where you would normally find the eject button on most other PCs, you have to be careful not to turn off the PC by accident when you want to eject the drive door.

On the bottom of the hard drive cage, a soft rubber pad is included which should help dampen some of the hard disk vibration from being transferred to the chassis.
However this is for the standard 3.5" HDD, when using a quieter 2.5" notebook HDD this poses a little more of a challenge.
In interest to get the system running quickly, I'll look for a mounting solution later...

The external AC/DC power supply brick is a Lite-On rated at 100-240 V 50-60Hz input and 19v 6.3A 120W output.

The DC/DC conversion circuitry (seperating 19v in 12v/5v/3v/etc rails for running a PC) is fully integrated into the motherboard. So there is no hope of pulling this out to be used in another PC (a 120W AC/DC brick with a DC/DC convertor suitable for PC use alone costs around $80 online, more than a third of the Pundit's price).
The silver block is where the power lead runs into from the external brick.

The audio board was removed for taking the picture, here it is installed back in.

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