Thursday, February 09, 2006

P2-AE2: Cooling

Both the case and CPU vents for air intake are located at the top of the case. A bright label nicely reminds you not to block these vents in 7 different languages. The exhaust vents are located along the full length of both sides of the case with similar dot openings. I initially mistook that the fans were used for exhausting air like on several other SFF.

There are only two fans in this system both located on a common heatsink. The heatsink is made of two blocks that are connected by what seems to be a heatpipe. The larger block (lower right in the photo) goes over the CPU. The smaller block (upper left) is actually just a grill that goes over the K8M800 nb chip. However this does not rest on the chip, but is held above it by a screw to the rear of the chassis. I assume this space is left so cool air can be more freely brought into the case and at the same time helping to cool the CPU heat transferred from the heatpipe.

Here the heatsink is detached and the bottom view probably gives a better idea how this works.
A layer of thermal paste comes pre-applied.

A Sempron 3000+ E6 revision CPU which supports Cool'n'Quiet is installed.

The main CPU fan is a 70 x 15 cm fan from AVC rated at 12v 0.15A (pictured). The case fan is a smaller 60 x 15 cm fan rated at 12V 0.1A.

Installed and looking from the side gives an idea of the clearance once the case is closed. This is around 7 mm so there is the possibility to upgrade to a thicker (and potentially quieter) 70 x 20 mm fan if one can be found.

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